July 3, 2017

Take your time...

Fellow speaker,

Speaker coach Mark Travis suggests you can expand time to emphasize a critical point in your story. Say a trigger phrase that puts your story in slow motion and describe in detail how you think and feel at that moment. Then use a trigger phrase to get the story out of slow motion and into regular time again.

For example, if you're telling a story about the time you forgot an important meeting, you could say: "And I was sitting at my desk thinking, "Wasn't there something I was supposed to be at right now?" and then it hit me: "Oh no! The meeting! I'm missing the meeting!" I feel an absolute terror coming over me, starting in the center of my stomach and spreading over my whole body, until I feel terror at the top of my head the tips of my feet. I sit in my chair, shaking, unable to move. "This is the meeting I couldn't miss! And now I've missed it!" I look up and my boss is standing over my desk, looking angrily at me, saying, "Why aren't you at the meeting?" I look up and stare at him, still shaking. And my boss said, "That's it. Clear out your desk. You've gotta go."


Tim Wilson
Professional Speech Coach
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