April 10, 2014

Free or fee?

Fellow speaker,

Professional speaker Mimi Donaldson suggests when you get offered a speaking opportunity without pay (that is not being done for educational purposes, Toastmasters, etc.), check the opportunity against this list:
  1. You choose the topic
  2. You can sell things and distribute order forms at the event before your speech
  3. You have a 6 to 8-foot table placed in a prominent place to the speaking location
  4. You speak for at least 40 minutes
  5. If the speaking opportunity is within an hour's drive of you, the audience is at least 25 people. If more than an hour's drive from you the audience is at least 50 people
  6. You will receive the attendees list with names and emails
  7. The sponsor is not a corporation
If all 7 things are part of the free speech opportunity, and you want to speak for these people, go ahead! If you are missing one or more of the items on the list, and they won't pay you...maybe you don't want to speak to them and instead keep an eye out for a paying opportunity.


Tim Wilson
Professional Speech Coach
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