October 16, 2013

It's just like driving a car...

Fellow speaker,

According to professional presenter Anne Miller, you can create a powerful metaphor to connect with your audience with these four steps:
  1. Know your audience - What is important to your audience?
  2. Learn your audience's blind spots - What areas of their life are they not aware of or not open to?
  3. Create a metaphor that compares the things the audience knows to the areas of life they are not aware of or not open to
  4. Relate the metaphor back to the audience's blind spot
For example, if you are speaking to an audience of car-driving speakers who are afraid to get onstage, you could say, "You want to become a better speaker but you don't want to get up onstage!  That's like wanting to drive a car but not wanting to get into a car!  Just like with learning to drive a car you first need to get into the car, so with learning to speak you need to get up onstage."


Tim Wilson
Professional Speech Coach
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