August 30, 2013

Speech points made easy

Fellow speaker,

Communications coach Carmine Gallo suggests you create your speech points step by step:
  1. Write out a draft of your speech point using full sentences.  Write out all your ideas about that point in four or five sentences.
  2. Underline the key word(s) in your draft.  Read your speech out loud focusing your attention on the key words of the point.  
  3. Delete the words which are not underlined.  Read the speech out loud again, using full sentences, focusing on the key words underlined to help you remember your point
  4. Ask yourself, "What is the one point I want my audience to get from this part of the speech?"  If you are speaking without slides, this point becomes the phrase you will repeat throughout this speech section.  If you are using slides, make a slide that clearly illustrates this point.  Keep the point to 10 words or less.
  5. Practice the speech point without notes, ether by remembering the one point you want the audience to get or by referring to the slide that clearly illustrates your point.

Tim Wilson
Professional Speech Coach
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