January 5, 2013

Get Money for Free

Fellow Speaker,

World Champion Darren LaCroix lists several ways to get money and speech leads from a free speech:
  • Referral - use the success of your speech to get others to pay for you to give a speech to an audience they know (e.g., organization, conference, etc.)
  • Back of room sales - sell products and/or services at the back of the room after your speech is over
  • Coaching - offer professional coaching services
  • People - get people to sign-up to your blog, on-line update, etc. to get names and email addresses of people interested in hearing you agin and to keep your name in front of them
  •  Article - get someone to allow you to put an article in a publication they know (e.g., company magazine, personal blog, etc.) to build people's awareness of your speaking abilities and (maybe) to get money for the article

Tim Wilson
Professional Speech Coach
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