July 9, 2011

Steps to the side

Fellow speaker,

If you want to do off the cuff speaking in your presentation, so you can throw in some "side comments" seamlessly into your speech:
  1. First thought - Go with your first thought and be careful not to censor:  whatever you first think of saying is fine to say
  2. Why - Explain why you have this first thought, giving additional information that fills in the point you are making with that thought
  3. Related thoughts - Turn the first thought around through related thoughts to bring it seamless back into the presentation
For example, if you are talking about your new book, you can talk about a favorite book of yours (first thought - use the first book that comes to mind), talk about why the book is important to you (why), and then how the book gave you some ideas and inspiration for your new book (related thoughts that bring the points back into the presentation).