February 3, 2017

There's something on the air tonight...

Fellow speaker,

Senior Producer of National Public Radio (NPR) Art Silverman suggests you follow this process to increase the likelihood your content will be put on the radio:
  1. Listen to the radio station and get to know the type of content they like and are looking for. Check previous shows to see whether your topic idea has already been done.
  2. Adjust your topic suggestion to fit-in with a current event. Find a major event and figure out how your topic relates to that event.
  3. E-mail your topic suggestion to the radio station. Keep it short, put all keywords into the subject line, include your contact information. Attach any audio you have.
  4. Send one topic suggestion to one show at the radio station at a time. Even if you get no immediate response, wait a reasonable amount of time before submitting your idea to a different show.
Getting on the air,

Tim Wilson
Professional Speech Coach
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