November 8, 2016

Belly breathing

Fellow speaker,

If you want to have a deep, full voice, it's all about the breathing. Imagine when you breathe in that your lungs are a bottle filling with water, from the bottom up. Then, when you breath out, imagineyou tip the bottle upside down and let gravity push the water out. After awhile you will notice that your belly is expanding as you breathe in, and contracting as you breathe out. There should be very little or no movement of your shoulders as you breathe.

After you have done this for awhile, practice saying, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" as if you were Santa Claus, with each "Ho!" pushing the air out hard. Now practice talking while pushing in hard on your stomach. Do it again this time with your hands off your stomach, pushing on your stomach with  your stomach muscles as you talk. Work to make your voice sound the same whether you are pushing on your stomach with your hand or pushing on your stomach with your stomach muscles.


Tim Wilson
Professional Speech Coach
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