May 4, 2014

Be a hero!

Fellow speaker,

Jeremy Donovan's study of TED talks suggests your stories will be better if you have some element of "the hero's journey" in them (as discovered by writer Joseph Campbell):
  1. Ordinary world - state of the world before your adventure begins
  2. Call to Adventure - time you feel a need to do something or say something risky
  3. Refusal of the call - your resisting this urge to do or say risky things
  4. Meeting with the Mentor - the person who teaches you
  5. Crossing the first threshold - making the movement to do or say something risky
  6. Tests, allies, and enemies - those that help or hurt you on your adventure
  7. Approach to the inmost cave - inner examination
  8. Ordeal - the time of testing your actions or beliefs
  9. Reward - the positive result
  10. The road back - how you begin to recover/improve yourself
  11. Resurrection - you are recovered/improved
  12. Return with the elixir - technique you have learned from your experience which will help/benefit others

Tim Wilson
Professional Speech Coach
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