December 3, 2013

The Compleat Reader

Fellow speaker,

When reading from a text (e.g., reading a story taken from a book), make the text bold, 24 point or greater, 2 1/2 spaced, and print out the text.

Then go through the text and draw "/" marks between the places which are short phrases and where you would take a natural pause (e.g., "Four score and seven years ago / our fathers brought forth on this continent / ...").

Put the pages side by side with one page on the left and rest of the pages on the right.  When reading, first read up to the first "/" silently in your mind, then look at someone in the audience and REPEAT out loud what you just read in your mind.  Continue this throughout the reading: read silently up to the next "/", then look at a different person in the audience and repeat out loud what you just read in your mind.

As you read, when you are about half-way through the page on the right, slide the page over from the right side onto the left, and continue reading.


Tim Wilson
Professional Speech Coach
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